Senior Project and Career Readiness

For parents, guardians, and staff:

The Career Education and Work Standards, Chapter 4 of Title 22, are part of the State Board of Education’s regulations of required education for all students in Pennsylvania. The Career Education and Work Standards address four areas of knowledge: Career Awareness and Preparation, Career Acquisition (Getting a Job), Career Retention and Advancement, and Entrepreneurship.

For students

The purpose of the UAHS Senior Project is to help students gain an understanding of their interests, skills, passions, and values as they think about their future. Throughout their high school career, UAHS students will work to build a career portfolio that provides the tools that they will need to prepare for their future. Students will utilize the career planning and portfolio platform. Every UAHS student will graduate with a plan and be “future ready” for 21st century career success.  


SmartFutures Login Instructions

SmartFutures is the new platform for the UAHS Senior Project. Time will be provided throughout the school year to complete activities that are required for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Seniors will be required to complete a resume to present during their project presentation.


  1. Select the ClassLink App on your iPad’s home screen.


  2. If you have never used ClassLink, you’ll have to search for “Uniontown”, then select Uniontown Area School District.


  3. You will be taken to the Uniontown ClassLink login screen. Do not type anything in the Username and Password boxes instead, select the Windows icon.


  4. Login using your Microsoft Username (first name.last [email protected]) and Password (Student ID [email protected])


  5. You’ll be logged into SmartFutures. You may personalize your Profile and complete the activities assigned to your grade level. Note: All 16 activities must be completed by April of your 11th grade year.


2023-2024 Career Readiness Schedule